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What Makes Customers Think its Okay to Stay Past Store Hours?

RMCF1 | Feb 10, 201407:10 PM

Are people that inconsiderate?

I have to clean a 2500 sq feet cafe every night...and cannot inconsiderate customers have a tendency of staying up to 45 minutes after closing hours. I wouldn't have a problem with it...however, my boss absolutely refuses to tell them to leave as he sees it as rude AND I'm also not allowed to clean anything until they leave. Doesn't matter if it's 40 minutes or an hour, I'm not supposed to mop or sweep until they're gone.

I'm also not paid if I'm not done cleaning everything by then. So, because of these customers, I'm sometimes stuck staying up to an hour cleaning because of people like this.

What is the right thing to do in these situations when your boss doesn't allow you to tell them to leave?

This may sound very ranty as this is the third time this has happened this week and I'm so tired of it.

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