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Curry Leaf: Absolutely Not! (a rant)


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Curry Leaf: Absolutely Not! (a rant)

Steve R. | Oct 22, 2004 08:46 PM

I'm over 50. I started eating at Mitali on E.6th St. in the days of the Fillmore East and ate at each dive as they opened. (I still miss a couple of them) Some were greasy, some were ok, all were very cheap and what did a broke Bklyn. teenager know about Indian food back then?

Then came Jackson Diner (okay, so I skipped over 15 years or so), which I started going to when the Scandinavian waitresses were still there. I still go, although I'm less inclined to defend it every year. And Coney Island Ave. And McDonald Ave. And 5 Star Punjabi. I dont need every place to be Mina or every meal to be an eye opener. I can settle for decency.

Here in Bklyn Heights, Amin is the local atrocity. And India House on Court St is even worse. Not a good meal to be had (and we've given each too many chances). And then, in comes Curry Leaf, with it's Lexington Ave pedigree and decent reviews from some C'hound posters to boot. So, we wait several months to see if it stays open and if the diners stay alive. Then, on a dreary Friday night, when we just dont feel like going out and getting into another depressing conversation about how the Yankees folded, we get menus in our lobby from them. And we order. And IT'S TERRIBLE!! Two veg. samosas were okay. That's it. The raita is watery, I didnt think to order dal separately, the onion relish is gloppy, the naan and onion kulcha breads are verrrry chewy and flavorless, the lamb is chewy with greasy sauce and little spice (nowhere to be found is the delicate balance & knowledge of spices that their parent store is supposedly known to be expert at creating), the chicken tikka masala sauce is definitely Campbells tomato soup doctored up and put through the blender and the spinach with cheese has, as my wife puts it, "a flavor that cant be right".

Please. This is absurd. And I wont eat their food again until my aging brain cells revise history and convince me that it really wasnt so bad and that I need a fix more than I need to be rational. And then, hopefully, I'll look at this rant and stop in my tracks.

Seriously, chowhounds. It's not good. Dont go. Really.

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