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jem589 | Dec 7, 2009 09:54 PM

If not too many people mind, let's digress from comparing Y30k sushi courses and Ryugin visits for a sec...where's the curry good?

Here's what I know about:
- In Jinbocho, I've been to both Ethiopia and Sumatra, and was impressed by neither. Too 'Indian' style for me, since I like the fattier, sweeter Japanese style
- In east-side Kanda, I really like Budoya (written in kanji, 'grape room') because they had a sort of vegetable-based, Japanified take on the Indian style. And I like the atmosphere and owners.
- Around the corner from there in Kanda is Hongokutei (you may call it 'moto-ishi-tei' if that helps), which is a weird curry-and-whisky place with suited staff and spicy curry (in a better way)
- In west-side Kanda, and also in Nihonbashi (Kyobashi) and also in Tokyo Station, there's Dom Pierre (actually called Loup de Mer in Kanda), which makes, I think, the best purely Japanese-style curry I've had. I'm a little suspicious of it because they sell their curry mix at the register though...

What else is worth trying? The older and grubbier (call it retro if you want), the better! I haven't been to Manten, so go ahead and recommend it. Extra points for places I can walk to from the office (Otemachi).

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