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Second Cup's baked goods

Rhiannon | Dec 3, 2006 07:40 PM

I'm trying to be a little more health concious with what I'm putting into my body these days, but it's hard. Not just the "eating right," but trying to find the nutritional information on some of my favourite snacks seems impossible sometimes. Second Cup's released the fat, calorie and nutrient content for most of their drinks, but there's nothing being said for their cookies, muffins, biscottis, tarts and otherwise. I try to avoid these, but when you want a cookie, you want a cookie! And when you work across the parking lot from your favourite coffee house, well...

Second Cup has an eMail address listed on their site that you can contact for nutrional breakdowns, but when I sent an eMail I got a delivery notification failure, so bollocks to that.

So I'm asking: is anyone here aware of some/all the nutrional information for the baked goods? Or does anyone even know who their supplier is? Thank you!

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