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Cupcakes Squared (Point Loma)

DiningDiva | Apr 19, 200809:54 PM

A friend and I were out in the Point Loma area this afternoon and decided to stop by Cupcakes squared, it was a spur of the moment thing. It's got that new car thing going on inside, everything is brand new and it smells good. We picked up 4 cupcakes and decided we would split them so that we'd both have a half of each cupcake.

PISTACHIO POMMEGRANATE (or how ever you spell granada in English)
I love pistachios so it was kind of a foregone conclusion we'd get one of the these. I'd like to say I loved the cupcake, but I can't. Not sweet enough, texture was too coarse, and the cupcake was tough and rubbery. The frosting flavored with poms was good.

VANILLA CHAI (and I don't remember what the icing was)
Basically a spice cake. I liked it, my friend and another person did not. They thought the flavor was "weird. Crumb was better on this cupcake but it was dry and tough.

CHOCOLATE MACADEMIA with chocolate icing
Chocolate flavor was nice, icing was good, but cupcake was dry - or crusty, as my friend put it - and rubbery. He thought it might have been over baked; he also thought the two previous samples might have been tough from over baking as well.

CARROT CAKE with cream cheese icing
At last we found a winner. The carrot cake cupcake *was* good, very good, but not good enough to warrant a drive out from East County to buy 1 or 6. This was the only cupcake of the 4 we sampled (well, I only got to sample 3, see below) that was moist and had an appropriate cake-like texture, wasn't tough or rubbery. The flavor was very good and clearly identifiable as carrot cake.

My half of the chocolate mac nut cupcake went missing somewhere between North Park and San Carlos. My friend and I were on a bakery voyage today - or maybe just a sugar high - and stopped in at Heaven Scent for a late afternoon bite. When we got back to my car, we carefully split the cupcakes from Cupcakes Squared in half and put my halves back in the box and his in another bakery box we just happened to have. I made one stop in Del Cerro on the way home, but when I got home, only 3 cupcake halves remained in the box. I've searched my car high and low,under every seat and all the nooks and crannies. It's simply not there...nor was it in my friend's box. I called to ask. So somewhere out there in Del Cerro tonight, someone has been snacking on my chocolate macademia cupcake <sigh>.

As for Cupcakes Squared, if I was out in OB or Point Loma I might stop by for the carrot cake cupcake, but until they get their formulations, or baking times, refined I'm not sure I'd really be tempted to return.

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