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Cupcake Decoration - to fondant or not?

orlybabe | Feb 13, 201905:46 PM     4

Hi everyone, I’m making chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes for my nephew’s birthday on Saturday, and they will be Adventure Time cupcakes - with Finn and Jake’s faces on them. I know the regular way of doing this is with fondant, and I have made marshmallow fondant that tastes good before, but I really dislike how it hardens and gets crusty and generally doesn’t taste as nice as chocolate frosting.

Secondly, I don’t want to refrigerate the cupcakes with the frosting and fondant before serving it (I live in a very hot country so they have to go in the fridge with normal fondant and frosting). I made a cake for a friends birthday with regular frosting that had to be refrigerated beforehand, and everyone said the cake tasted so much better after it came to room temperature, gloopy frosting notwithstanding.

So my conundrum is: how do I decorate the cupcakes with the Adventure Time faces but not have to use fondant or refrigerate it? I could:

1- use spreadable chocolate ganache to cover the cupcakes, make the faces using buttercream on parchment paper separately, at the party transfer the faces on the cupcakes; or

2- make fondant faces, attach them to the ganached cupcakes at the party and peel them off before they eat it.

3- make white frosting, color it and use that to make the faces. However the normal white ermine frosting I make needs to be refrigerated or the humidity here will kill it

Hope someone can help, thanks guys!

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