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The best cup of coffee you ever had


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The best cup of coffee you ever had

Bob Brooks | Dec 22, 2001 08:17 PM

For me, it was at L'Ami Louis, in Paris, about fifteen years ago.

After a wonderful lunch, I could hear the chef grinding the beans. Then, a few moments later, I was brought a demi-tasse of the best few sips of coffee I have ever tasted.

It wasn't espresso, it was probably done in a French press. It was the only cup of coffee I have ever tasted that was as good as the aroma that preceded it.

I drank it in a trice and wanted more, but felt guilty about bothering him to make another. Now, I just feel guilty that I didn't.

At the time, there was an ongoing ad campaign for the coffees of Brazil, which I thought may have contributed to this extraordinary brew. I have since come to learn that it probably had little to do with country of origin and everything to do with the wizardry of a chef who was great at everything he did.

What's your best cup?

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