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Cultural Appropriation: Is it a One Way Street?


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Cultural Appropriation: Is it a One Way Street?

Steve | May 9, 2013 04:59 AM

As a kind of addendum to the 'race' question:

Is there a 'one-way street' of acceptable European versions of Third World cuisine, but not really the other way around?

In France I regularly see an Indian curry on an otherwise French menu. Like a "poisson indienne." So the French 'take' on Indian cuisine is widely acceptable.

But how about the other way around? A Latino or Indian 'take' on French cuisine. Let's say a bouef bourguignon on an Indian or Mexican menu? Would you order that?

Are other culture's cooking appropriated only in one direction? Like a Salvadoran-influenced French or Italian meal? If you tasted a coq au vin that had black beans in it, would you find that as acceptable as a curry made with a Bordeaux?

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