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CSA's - Who is YOUR favourite farmer?

karela | Jan 23, 2012 04:33 PM

As we finish the last remaining Jerusalem artichokes from our garden, my thoughts turn to finding a good CSA.

Years ago, in another city on another continent, we had the CSA of our dreams. Once a week a big, cheap, cardboard box of dirt-clad produce that had been picked that morning would show up on our doorstep. It was always a surprise and we were always pleasantly surprised. The occasional "weird" veggie came in small quantities and with some recipe ideas.

I know it can never be this good here in the far north, but would still love to hear recs for a good CSA. I *LIKE* surprises and don't overly mind "winter veggies"(during the winter, that is).

Last year we tried Jardin des Anges (don't even know if that actually counts as a CSA), and, while it provided us what we needed in terms of convenience (we have no car and I am the main grocery shopper and was 6 months pregnant and just couldn't walk home with all the groceries at a certain point), I found it a bit pricey and extremely depressing to get plastic bags full of packaged vegetables.

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