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critique my ministrone

bigskulls | Nov 25, 2002 10:10 AM

I tend to be rather impulsive in the kitchen, and when an unexpected play date arrived this weekend that gave me an hour or so of freedom, I decided to make ministrone. Later, I was speaking with a neighbor who is Italian, and told her I had made ministrone. "Lots of basil!" she said immediately. I told her I had also added oregano, and she looked concerned. "Only a little bit," she said, and I nodded sheepishly. So, I thought I'd throw this open to y'all here and see if what comments you might have. Skewer me if you must, but there ain't much soup left, and if don't behave you can't have any.

Quick ministrone:

1 lb bacon, cooked until almost crisp
medium size yellow onion
2 cups diced cabbage
3 cloves garlic
salt and pepper
small can diced tomatoes, large can whole
1 package frozen spinach
handful of white beans (soaked for a little while)
3 quarts chicken stock
basil, oregano
potatoes cut into medium size pieces, fried in oil first.

I did saute the onions, cabbage, garlic together first, but basically I just threw everything else in a pot and turned on the stove. The next day it was soup.
I know I could have added plenty of other things, carrots, squash, etc. I just didn't have any handy.

So, what would you do instead?

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