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Critique my list: goodish set of pots and pans

bombaybeauty | Apr 15, 200804:31 AM

I am setting up a new kitchen (most of my previous equipment did not belong to me) and have been trying to come up with a starter list of high-quality (albeit not extravagant) pots and pans.

You'll need to know a little about my cooking habits: I am vegetarian (so doing soup once a week), vegetables, and every few weeks Indian-style "curries" and vegetables. I cook for myself twice a week, for 4-5 one a month, and once every month to six weeks for a larger number (say 10ish).

I've read the previous threads on starter sets (thanks for previous feedback) and decided not to go with one brand, but put together a mix-and-match set. I'm aiming for a budget of $500-600, but every list I come up with seems to be closer to $800, which could be fine.

1. Lodge cast iron 12" skillet
2. Le Creuset 2.5 Q saucepan
3. All Clad Stainless 1.5 Q saucepan.
4. Double boiler insert to go with 3.
5. All clad stainless multi-cooker (basically one of those large pasta pots, with the pasta-strainer insert and a steamer insert).
6. Le Creuset wide round oven 6.5Q
7. All clad butter warmer (something like this is essential for Indian food - for the vagar).
8. I already have a Swiss Diamond non-stick frying pan and sauce pan (2-3 Q).
9. Will separately purchase (not part of the budget) a paella pan.

Some questions on my mind, but feel free with other comments....
- How useful is a Le Creuset saucepan? Should I combine 2+3 for something larger? Currently I'll have 3 saucepans which doesn't seem like too much (esp. for Indian food).
- Perhaps I should lose the all clad multicooker? But it only costs $99, and a steamer insert on its own costs about $60. I don't really make pasta often, but I figured that the large pot, almost like a stock pot, could come in handy.
- This prices at about $750 at Broadway Panhandler. Just for contrast for $450 I could get this 14-piece Le Creuset set:


but then I don't get a steamer insert or double boiler, but I suppose I could pick these up separately.

Sorry for the long post, but thanks for your comments and suggestions. If I'm spending this kind of money, I would like to get it right and also not then have to head out for more too soon...


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