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Cream and yogurt mixture - how long unfrigerated??

pixellle | Sep 27, 200909:18 AM

I'm making a layered panna cotta. It consists of a layer of vanilla panna cotta, a layer of cranberry or grape gelatin, and another layer of the panna cotta. (Here's the recipe:

To make the layers, you first pour in a layer of the panna cotta and then refrigerate for 3 hours. The recipe doesn't say anything about what to do with the remaining panna cotta mixure while you're waiting for the first and second layers to set.

If you were to refrigerate the leftover panna cotta mixture, (which consists of heavy cream and yogurt), it would set. Is it OK to leave it out for almost four hours (it was left out 45 minutes to cool immediately after making it) at room temperature? Or should you refrigerate it and then gently heat it up to re-liquify it?

The recipe doesn't address this, much to my frustration, so I'm turning to you! What do you advise?


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