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Cream Cheese Ice Cream...yet another basic recipe

nooodles | Jul 20, 200504:52 AM

Well, we can add this to the no-cook, quick-and-easy list of ice cream bases.

I adapted this from a recipe on epicurious.com that used way too little lemon and way too much cream cheese.

-8 oz cream cheese, any fat concentration you like
-3/4 cup milk, any kind (I would use a whole cup next
-1/2-3/4 cup sugar time)
-the juice of at least 3 large lemons or 4-5 limes (I used a combination)
-the zest of 3 large lemons (I'm sloppy and probably don't get as much out of each lemon as I could, but this was roughly a tablespoon)

Put all the ingredients in a blender, and blend until very well combined. Churn in ice cream maker until thick and fluffy. This makes a very dense, shockingly white ice cream--whiter than vanilla! It's really quite gorgeous. The zestiness of the lemon pairs well with the tang of the sour cream. Comments about the original recipe said the ice cream tasted like a stiff frozen cheesecake. I think with these proportions that characteristic is very much reduced and the result is a dense ice cream that is ready to eat fairly soon after coming out of the ice cream machine; this one was perfectly serviceable right out of the machine, and perfect after two hours.

A great choice for when you don't want to cook and chill a custard base, but still want that rich creamy taste (dare I say, almost like gelato?). Plus, as much as I loved krissywatts' vanilla recipe, this one uses no raw eggs so I don't have to worry about freshness issues!

I noticed this did not leave a film on my tongue, even though it's very rich. I bet nonfat versions of all the ingredients would still taste fabulous, though I used nonfat cream cheese and whole milk for this batch.

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