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Cramer's Bakery--Yardley


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Cramer's Bakery--Yardley

Laura D. | Oct 9, 2007 03:32 PM

I stumbled upon this place today while I was working in Newtown and driving around aimlessly, hunting for a Wawa of all places. Upon walking in I observed what appeared to be a very large commercial kitchen in back, and a fairly large store in front, complete with cookies, cupcakes, buttercake, muffins, scones, breads/rolls, and some individual desserts. Since I wasn't going to be near refrigeration for a while I decided to grab a cherry hamentashen and a chocolate petit four. Man, they were both delicious! I am a bit of a dessert (specifically cake) freak, and I was so impressed by their stuff that I almost drove back to get more goodies on the way home. But, since it was in the complete opposite direction during rush hour traffic I thought I'd post here to see what others think of this place before racing back (which I'm definitely prepared to do). Upon doing a search here I've found some references in other posts but not many, and none really name specific things they've tried at Cramer's that have been great. Does anyone have any feedback on their stuff, specifically their...

-Cupcakes/Cake (I'm specifically interesting in the icing as I love icing)
-Cannolli (the fact that they were prefilled was basically outweighed by the fact that they were the biggest and best looking cannolli I've seen around)

I asked the staff and they had no menu or website to provide to me, but here is the location information:

Cramer's Bakery
16 East Afton Avenue
Yardley, PA 19067

Thanks in advance for any information you have about this place...I'm really excited to have found another bakery to add to my list of great places to gourge!

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