Not About Food 183

do you get crabby when hungry?

alkapal | Jun 7, 200809:18 PM

blame low levels of serotonin! http://www.mywire.com/pubs/TimesofInd...

my college pal became a total witch when she got hungry. it was, well, almost dangerous to be around her. i was not nearly as bad as she was. these days, i do tend to get a little crabby, because when i'm hungry, i don't feel my best.

mr. alka goes all day without eating, and then eats dinner. no problem.

makes for some wonderful marriage moments, i tell ya!

which way are you? are you mismatched with your mate (in terms of hunger pangs?)

i just make small meals, and keep snacks like good nuts and trail mix around. mr. alka sometimes just has to eat his dinner from reheating in the microwave, 'cause NORMAL people (like moi) eat at a sensible time! ;-)

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