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CR (Calorie Reduction) Diet? Is this for real?


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CR (Calorie Reduction) Diet? Is this for real?

SisterT | Aug 30, 2002 10:03 PM

I was just watching some show on TV about a calorie reduction "diet". I understand the general premise which does make sense, eat fewer calories and better food. It looks like this was borrowed from the Okenawa (spelling) "diet" research that has been going on for years.

My concern/question/wonder is just how safe and realistic is this? No, I have no plans to try this myself, just curious what others thought about it.

By the way, the couple that was being interviewed looked far from healthy (regardless of how low they said their cholestrol and such where). Both looked like skin and bones, extremely pale and brittle. He actaully looked like he had the malnutrion belly (pooched out). I know they said they had increased energy but at what cost?

Any thoughts on this?


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