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CPK - OK I tried it; Not Bad


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CPK - OK I tried it; Not Bad

jfood | Dec 18, 2006 04:43 PM

As a result of another thread and having my west coast buddies berate me on CPK I just finished one for lunch, The Sicilian variety. Baked for 11 minutes at 450.

I chose this variety as I wanted to give it an east-coast tongue test and the toppings are found on what I consider real pizza.

1 - The name, Sicilian. In NJ where I grew up, Neopolitan is thin crust and Sicilian is thick crust. The crust on this pizza is crispy paper thin, so it gets a 3.

2 - Crust - very crispy, but tasted like paper thin pizza dough. No biggie in my book, so i'm fairly neutral on this aspect. I give it a neutral 5.

3 - Sauce - or should i say lack therof. Very typical of west coasters so that it does not overwhelm, but compliment the other flavors. Did not get in the way of the other flavors so i'll give it a 7.

4 - Toppings - I really liked the sausage. It was much better than most sausages i taste on others and blows away Celeste sausage. Cheese was not overpowering and sorta held the thing together. Other meats were also very tasty. Seasoning was way overpowering and took away from the rest of the pizza. So my scores would be: sausage - 8; other meats - 7; cheese - 5; spices - 2.

5 - Overall - I still think that this is a neat frozen treat but can't call it pizza. If I were to slice in bite sized pieces and serve at a cocktail party the response would probably be "flatbread" or "cracker-crust" or something other than pizza.

But for an overall lunch snack, this ain;t so bad (dog really liked the crust). I would give it a 6.5-7 with the meats very good and the crust and seasonings bringing down the score. I just can;t call this "pizza."

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