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What do you count as a vegetable?

cresyd | May 19, 200812:36 PM

I'm asking this primarily from the perspective of a nutrition standpoint as opposed to a scientific classification basis.

In addition to excluding starchy "veggies" like potatoes, corn, green beans, and peas - I also am prone to discounting vegetables that have been pickled from "veggie" classifications since I view them as having lost many nutrients and gained a lot of salt. While I view vegetables that have been fried or are covered with cheese as less healthy ways of eating vegetables - I have a hard time of even considering a pickle as a vegetable. Also, while I know that an avocado is a vegetable and has positive health attributes - I end up thinking about them like nuts as being healthy in moderation due to their fat content.

Is this just the result of growing up with a dietitian as a mother who defines foods as "real" and "fake" vegetables - or are there other people out there who do this?

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