Costco - 8qt oval Le Creuset, erg, I mean "Kirkland Signature" French Oven - $79


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Costco - 8qt oval Le Creuset, erg, I mean "Kirkland Signature" French Oven - $79

dropnbassonu | Nov 5, 2012 09:34 PM

Was in my local Costco yesterday and noticed this. I know it's an unbelievable deal, considering it is probably a Le Creuset sold through Costco's brand. I doubt Kirkland Signature set up a factory in France to build these. The pot said "made in France", it had the # on the bottom like all LC's have, but I can't remember what it was though.

My only problem is, I have a generic 4 burner ceramic stove with 2 small and 2 larger burners. I am positive it won't fit on the larger burner, but I've done countless research on here and on other sites that leads me to believe it still should heat evenly. This is of course assuming I let it preheat long and slow enough on the large burner it'll be fine. Does anybody have personal experience with such a dilemma?

Also, is 8qt overkill? I mean, for $79 who cares, right? It's still cheaper than 95% of the others that have been highly recommended. For that fact, I went to Walmart also to buy the coveted Tremontina and found they only carry a 6qt round now, and it was $60. So for $20 extra, I can get a LC and be 2qt's larger. Am I on the right track?

Sorry for the questions, I'm new to dutch oven's and have always cooked in my slow cooker with uneven results. I also want something much more versatile that can handle stocks, soups, sauces, etc.


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