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After Pok Pok Noi https://www.chowhound.com/post/pok-po... , I walked a few steps to Corzetti for the third happy hour stop of the day. Opened three months ago by the team from Verdigris, this is an intimate and casual spot with some seating outside too. The sun came out in late afternoon to pull me to an outdoor table.

Corzetti's $6 Negroni on the happy hour menu won me over immediately.

Cynsa and Patty returned to town in time to join me. Yay, I could justify ordering more! The day's salumi board, $9, was an ample serving of housemade pork rillettes, Genoa salami, and prosciutto di Parma accompanied by crunchy oil-enriched crostini, zippy housemade pickles and a rustic mustard. When queried, the server said the salami was made by Olympic Provisions . . . but when I visited OP the next day, I was informed that it does not make a Genoa style. The rillettes were my favorite cured meat on the board, fragrant with thyme and meltingly soft and unctuous. The prosciutto seemed like scraps with some pieces cut much too thick and other parts dried out. The yellow jackets in the neighborhood soon honed in on our protein feast, dive bombing the table. So while I would order the cured meats again, not when I'm seated on the patio.

Daily soup, $6, was English pea. Feeling more spring-y than late summer, the pureed soup was enriched with some very fresh milky ricotta, extra virgin olive oil and the brightness of a scatter of fresh parsley. Delicious, healthful and restorative.

Chicken & sage meatballs, $7, dazzled us. So light and fluffy these delicate orbs seemed like they should levitate off the table. Bob's Red Mill is headquartered in the Portland area and was the source of the coarse cut polenta. More clumpy than creamy, the polenta was so tasty with the Parmesan brodo and ethereal meatballs.

High quality food and drink and friendly service made this a top notch happy hour. With a soup and greens on the menu, as well as warm first course type dishes, it would be easy to compose a full meal from the happy hour menu.

When we were there two weeks ago, happy hour was 4pm to 5pm, starting an hour before dinner service. Now I notice a change on the posted hours to 5pm to 6pm, plus late night. I think that's a good switch that extends beyond the 5pm end of happy hour at neighboring Grain & Gristle and Pok Pok Noi. And the new hours would make it easy to take in all three during the designated times. . . a new goal!

1465 Northeast Prescott St. Suite F
Portland, OR, 97211
Open daily at 5pm


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