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Corn Syrup - WHY is it in everything???

sivyaleah | Jan 17, 200603:42 PM     35

Ok, I already know the answer to this question but I guess I'm just venting.

I don't understand why corn syrup has become such a staple ingredient in everything I purchase in the supermarket. It has become nearly impossible to find products which do not contain it. Mind you, I'm by no means a nut about these things - it's not like I'm running around only buying organic items, etc. but I do try and eat as well as possible whenever I can. That to me means, staying away from unnecessary ingredients which add no nutritional value to a food.

Corn syrup fits the bill. I know, it is all a political thing - I read Fast Food Nation, I'm aware. Today, I went to buy a small box of Saltines, an item I don't buy alot because a box takes a while to disappear in my house. I suddenly realized it had corn syrup in it. For what reason? How is this improving the flavor and/or texture of an item that has been around for what, like 50 years or more?

It drives me nuts. I can see using it in a cookie recipe, because it then is an essential ingredient in certain recipes (for instance, the chewy ginger cookies I made at Christmas time). But to unneccessarily use it just to add more sugar and added calories, well, you get the point.

I'll step off my soapbox now. Just had to get this out somewhere!


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