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Copper wok, anyone?


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Copper wok, anyone?

marachino | Aug 11, 2006 02:39 PM

Hello, hounds-

Hoping some of you might help. I bought an all-copper (unlined) wok on a trip to China last February and have some concerns:

1. Does copper need to be "seasoned" like other metals? I use the wok about twice a week since I bought it and am wondering if it will eventually develop a non-stick surface like carbon steel models. It seems to be taking an awful long time. FYI, I have read "The Breath of a Wok" and there is no mention whatsoever of copper woks.

2. Also wondering if copper will discolor food or have an adverse chemical reaction with certain ingredients? I have been tempted to cook SE Asian food in it, but am afraid the dishes might be discolored through the use of coconut milk, lime juice, or tamarind.

3. I am also concerned if there are any toxic consequences from using copper cookware over a period of time. Should I fear copper poisoning?

I look forward to your feedback. Thanks!

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