Copper Pots Tips "En passant par la Lorraine"

TJFRANCE | Apr 12, 201912:29 AM     5

My advice for using tinned copper pots (which are also valid for teflon-coated pots).
These tips will help you keep your tin for years!

For cooking (ref-1 on photo):
Use wooden utensils for cooking.
There are a multitude of accessories, I put you mine in the picture.
They will allow you to not scratch the tin coating and not to make deep scratches.
You can knock your wooden utensils on the edge of your pot (to drain them) without damaging either the pot or the utensil.
Do not let your wooden utensils soak in your pot during cooking.
Put a plate next to your hotplate and put your wooden utensils in it when you do not use it.
Do not let your wooden utensils soak in the dishes. Clean them immediately, it's quick and easy to do! Personally I do not put them in the dishwasher.
Obviously you can use a steel fork to turn a meat. But still grabbing the meat without scratching your tin!

To whip (ref-2 on photo):
Use a flat silicone whip (the wood is less convenient and harder to find). If possible slightly curved and with 4 or 5 branches. I was skeptical the first time to use this type of whip. But finally it's really good! This type of whip has nothing to envy to round whip! It's really very effective! You can use it without problems in a hot and even hot recipe. Ideal even for béchamel! I use mine for 5 years and it is new as the first day. It allows to scrape the edges on the sides and bottom (which is much more difficult with a round whip). This whip also has the advantage of not sticking. Very little cling on its branches, it is very easy to clean!
To try it is to adopt it ! When you do not use it during cooking, put it on a plate too, do not leave it in the pot.

For the service (ref-3 on photo):
Use your wooden utensils, plastic, silicone. Do not leave these accessories in your dishes while cooking. Put them on a plate when you do not use them.

To clean (ref-4 on photo):
There are several ways to clean copper pots. Here is one, empty your pot as much as possible, if possible by passing a paper towel to eliminate the maximum of residues and grease. Then put a little hot water in it (either at the tap or by heating on the hotplate). Do not put dishwashing.
With the brush and small wooden squeegee you will be able to take off very quickly the remains of residues. When this operation is finished, clean under water (even cold) with the dishwashing product and the sponge (non-abrasive side).

Here, with these tips you will keep your tin-plated copper pots for many years!
Feel free to add your tips and photos of your accessories!
To all Copper Lovers! Regards, T.J.

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