Copper Pot on Glass Cooktop w/electric element not working

VirtualDestructor | Mar 13, 201208:36 PM     8

It was a time for a new pot and after reading a hymnal praise to copper cookware everywhere, what we have here is small copper Bourgeat 2.5 mm (!) stainless-lined pot on older (15 yrs?) GE Radiant Range - glass (ceramic) cooktop with electric coils underneath.

The problem is that instead of expected fast heat response in copper pot, I get exactly opposite in ridiculous magnitude.

Boiling water in copper pot took >40 mins (that's for a few quarts, and only to simmerish boil, not real boil) - a feat achievable by old enameled pot in about 15 mins with the same water temperature on the same unit. While this was not totally fair comparison (I dared not crank heat all the way on copper and it had a bit more water) - given that copper is copper I expected it to work so much better.

Yes, bottom of the pot is quite flat (I have a straigthedge - this is the flattest pot my kitchen have seen apparently), and it matches size of surface unit perfectly.

My attempts to come up with a sound physics explanation for the phenomena failed so far. Even given higher heat capacity of copper pot, it should still overtake regular pot in case of full water load.

And if cooktop is not running hot enough, then 'lesser' pots should take forever+.

I have searched this forum and internet in general, and there seems to be people having no issues with copper on ceramic cooktops and then there are occasional mentions of copper not working just like my case (unable to boil a pot of water).

Anybody has a rationale explanation? Anybody figured it out? Or did I get a defective pot?

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help!

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