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Cooking with whole spices

delys77 | Aug 27, 2012 11:19 AM

Hello all
I cooked a lovely dish of Chicken in Whole Aromatic Spices from "India Cookbook" for dinner last night and while we definitely enjoyed it my partner got a mouthful of whole green cardamom and it wasn't very pleasant.
I love cooking with spices, and I am familiar with the fact that whole spices are often roasted or fried in Indian cuisine, but situations like last night can be a bit frustrating. The recipe didn't stipulate that you shoudl remove the whole spices but I decided to do so since there were so many of them (12 whole green cardamom, 2 cloves, and 2 bay leaves). I was able to get them all out but couldn't find that twelfth cardamom pod. I decided to plate for the two of us and warned my partner there was a rogue cardamom pod.
I suppose my question is, do any of you have a lot of experience with Indian cooking, do you always remove your whole spices or do you just leave them in and try and eat around them.
I have considered putting them into a little cheesecloth bouquet garni style but I worry this wouldn prevent them from imparting their lovely flavour to my dish.
Any thoughts and thanks in advance all.

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