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HELP! Cooking with very specific diet restrictions??

jennieblue22 | Apr 19, 201204:24 PM

So, cooking for a loved one, on a very restricted diet. This person especially loves Indian food (particularly lentil/dal or bean soup, and vegetable curry or sabji).

This loved one is dealing with these dietary restrictions:
-- NO SALT - of any kind, even rock/sea/black salt
-- NO SUGAR - but a tiny amount of honey or sucanat is okay
-- NO OIL - except a very tiny amount for frying spices (typical of Indian food)
-- No vinegar of any kind
-- No alcohol of any kind
-- No lemon or lime juice (allergy) - a tiny amount of other citrus juice is okay
-- No veggies of the allium family (onions, garlic, chives, leeks, etc.)
-- No mushrooms of any kind
-- No meat/fish/eggs (vegetarian for ethical/religious reasons)

I'm really struggling especially with how to make Indian food without salt; that's by far the toughest challenge. The no-onions I can get around with asafoetida (hing) - a spice commonly used by Hare Krishna devotees (who don't eat garlic/onions) to replace the onion/garlic flavour. Other items can be skipped entirely. But how do you get around omitting salt in Indian food??

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