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The Dairy Queen | Aug 28, 201809:12 AM     10

Hello 'hounds!

Long-time, no post!

I've decided I need to get serious about lowering my daily sodium intake to around 1500mg per day, which I'm finding challenging indeed. (I'm tracking everything in MyFitnessPal.com, which has been helpful in tallying sodium values...)

I've been looking around and have found a handful of blogs on the subject, but as you recall know, I'm a cookbook lover! I've dredged up these old, old, old books from trusted food authorities that look promising (real food, no fakey sounding ingredients, written by genuine food lovers):

Craig Claiborne's "Gourmet Diet"

Eileen Yin-Fei Lo's "The Chinese Way: Healthy Low-fat Cooking from China's Regions"

Jonell's Nash's "Low-Fat Soul"

Jacques Pepin's "A Fare for the Heart: Cleveland Clinic Cookbook"

Daniel N. Jue's "Light and Healthy Chinese Cooking : The Best of Traditional Chinese Cuisine Made Low in Sodium, Cholesterol and Calories" [this one's kind of a wild card! I don't know of this author]

I also have one supposedly recommended by James Beard that I don't find appealing at all (Jan Harlow's "Good Age Cookbook"), a low-salt Mexican cookbook (Meryl Schell's "Mexican Salt Free Cooking") on the way, and two recent Cooking Light books ("Amazing Recipe Makeovers" and "The Good Pantry") on order. Those remain to be seen.

The "New James Beard" cookbook is supposedly low(er) in sodium, but I haven't gotten my hands on that yet. Anyone familiar with that one who can comment?

I can't find any books at all that focus on Southeast Asian cooking, alas, but would love it if anyone had a source for books focused on lower sodium cooking from that region of the world. (Fish sauce turns out to be crazy high in sodium, which is clearly why I love it so much!)

I don't want to cook from low sodium cookbooks forever--I have a house full of cookbooks that I love-- but I thought if I could leverage what food experts have already learned about low-sodium cooking, that would give me confidence to experiment on my own.

Anyone wish to join me or have resources to recommend?

P.S. I toyed with posting this on the "Special Diets" board, but the description of that board was more focused on the diet, whereas Home Cooking mentions cookbooks, which is my real love.

Thank you!


Craig Claiborne's Gourmet Diet
The Chinese Way
Low-Fat Soul
A Fare for the Heart
Light & Healthy Chinese Cooking
Mexican Salt-free Cooking
Amazing Recipe Makeovers
The Good Pantry
The New James Beard
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