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Cooking Reality Show cliches

Phaedrus | Sep 3, 200901:23 PM

Having watch all of the Top Chef seasons so far, as well as much of the original Iron Chef and some of the Iron Chef America, my ears are becoming ever more sensitive to the overused cliches that pop up. So here is my short list. Add on as you please:

"I'm going to bring my A-game, next week." Generic contestant vow after getting hammered by the judges.

"I have a PASSION for cooking, and I will show the judges that in the next challenge." The thing the person who gets eliminated the following week will inevitably say.

"The judges just don't understand my style." See above.

"I take full responsibility, but there is an explanation..." Any and all contestants at Judge's Table

"Sou-vide is easy." Contestants who's never done sou-vide

"I stand by my dish!" Contestant defense after crashing and burning at Judge's Table

"I really don't like the way you cook your eggs." A certain judge on Top Chef.

"It's so sophisticated!" From the Original Iron Chef, usually some unknown, but cute starlet.

"Its so oily." A certain Japanese judge on ICA.

"Salad is not cooking." A certain judge from Top Chef

"Its not what they have done throughout the contest, its what they have done that day." Same judge on his blog.

"(A certain thing) is like (another certain thing that has nothing to do whatsoever with the first thing.)" A certain British judge on Top Chef.

"Three and a half stars." A certain judge on TCM on any Michael Chiarello dish, no matter if it is good, bad, or indifferent.

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