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What cooking oils need to be on hand for a properly stocked kitchen?


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What cooking oils need to be on hand for a properly stocked kitchen?

Titus0327 | Mar 5, 2011 10:55 AM

There are so many different oils out there with so many different properties, ie. smoke points, flavors, health benefits, etc, I am finding it difficult to decide which oils to keep on hand on a regular basis. Ive done some research on the internet about what oils are good for what, but every time I look my list just keeps getting longer and longer.

Heres what I think I need......

An everyday cheaper cooking oil....
A higher smokepoint cooking oil....
An oil for deep frying....
And a finishing oil....
Id also like to keep an oil on hand that would be good to make my own flavored oils with.

Im just not sure which oils are best for these jobs.

I currently keep only an inexpensive extra virgin olive oil on hand for everyday use. I also have a bottle of Wegmans (a local supermarket) Basting Oil, that I use for roasting vegetables or searing steaks. Its a flavored oil with herbs in it. When I look at the ingredients in this "basting oil" it says...grapeseed oil, canola oil, dried thyme, dried parsley, and natural garlic flavor. Because this product has grapeseed and canola oil, I assume it has a higher smoke point.

I dont mind spending a little more money on oils ecspeccially if the product is of better quality and worth it.

My thinking is.....I should keep..... a cheaper extra virgin olive oil for everyday cooking that doesnt necessitate a high smoking point. I'm also thinking of keeping a grapeseed oil on hand for things that do necessitate a higher smoke point, ie. searing a steak. It seems most people recommend peanut oil for deep frying. What should I use as a finishing oil? A more expensive extra virgin olive oil? Also, what oils are good for making my own flavored oils? Am I missing something? Are there other oils to keep on hand? Also, what oils are best for dipping bread in? Making a vinaigrette? What I dont wanna do is end up keeping 10 different oils on hand for 10 different uses.

Any and all suggestions is appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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