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Cooking Healthy with All-Clad

briaust85 | Mar 20, 2012 05:28 PM

Hi! I just took a big plunge and bought a bunch of All-Clad D5 at cookwareandmore when they were on sale. I bought a 10 and 12 inch fry-pan, 4 quart saute, and a 4 and 2 quart sauce pan. I am excited to use them to say the least, I have never had anything nice like this to cook with . I kind of understand the hot pan cold oil trick. I am confused on the use of salt in cooking and its effect on SS however. Mainly though I cant figure out one thing. Do you always have to use a oil to cook with SS? I am all about eating healthy and want to know if there is something else I can use rather than oils? If not what is the healthiest and safest oil to use? Ive read about coconut but I don't understand its solid form. I know I covered a lot in this question, but Im waiting to break in my new All-Clad till I hear from any of you! Much Thanks! -Brian

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