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Cooking a Whole Egg-in-Shell in a Toaster Oven?


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Cooking a Whole Egg-in-Shell in a Toaster Oven?

litchick | Feb 15, 2009 07:24 AM

Last night MrLit and I hit the newest Barbara Lynch restaurant in Boston (Sportello). Thanks to the very open kitchen, we could see every moment of food prep. There was a broccoli soup with a farm egg on the menu, and we noticed that the egg was prepared by placing it, still in the shell, in the salamander broiler. The top of the salamander was left pretty high above the egg, and I had a hard time tracking how long it was left in there -- maybe 5 minutes? When cracked open, it had the look of a perfectly poached egg.

Ok, so now MrLit is obsessed with trying this at home in our toaster oven. Here are the things I worry about: the heat of the toaster oven being more intense than the salamander (since the top level of the salamander was set so high above the egg) and maybe exploding the egg. Also, what setting on the toaster oven would you try: bake? Or toast/broil? How long to leave it in there?

Given that this experiment is surely going to happen chez-Lit in the near future, what pointers do you have? I'd like to try to minimize the damage...

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