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First cooking attempt - success or failure?

SeoulQueen | Jan 8, 201201:07 AM

What was your first cooking attempt? And was it deliciously successful or an utter failure?

My first attempt to cook was when I was 5 yrs old. I had recently heard about rice pudding and while familiar with rice in it's usual steamed form, I was immediately enchanted with the idea that you could turn rice into a dessert! Nevermind that I used the wrong type of rice, what I didn't realize was my mother who only knew limited English back then, had re-purposed the sugar canister to hold salt (with the word written in Korean on a piece of tape).

You can imagine the first mouthful I had DID NOT taste good. Being a kid, I simply figured it needed more sugar. So I kept going back to the "sugar" canister and adding more "sugar". After repeatedly adding and tasting 4 times (because this was suppose to be a dessert so BY GOD it must taste good at some point!), I grew increasingly baffled as to why the dessert just kept tasting worse and worse and finally.. reluctantly.... threw the entire batch away.

Never underestimate what a kid will go through in order to eat something sweet.

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