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cooked chicken left out


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cooked chicken left out

WinthropBasil | May 19, 2014 01:17 PM

I feel like a moron having to ask this but here goes:

I roasted two whole chickens yesterday with the intent of carving and freezing in portions for school/work lunch. Usually with roasting a chicken, I cook around 250 until it hits 140 Fahrenheit, and juices are clear then wrap it up in foil to rest anywhere from 30mins to an hour before carving.

I had plans to go out yesterday, and when I took the chickens out realized I was out of foil and didn't have time to wait for them to cool down enough to go in the fridge, so decided to just put them on the counter and put a big bowl over each.

6 hours later, I come home and carve the chickens only to discover that there was still a lot of blood inside, esp. the thigh and drumstick meat.
I carved them up and put the meat in the fridge, thinking maybe I can just sort of 'reroast' the meat, but I'm not sure if this is safe. I know roasting the meat again will make it dry as hell, but I'd rather not throw it out if i don't have to.

So, give me your opinions chowhounders: can I get away with this eating dried out meat and learning a humbling lesson, or do I avoid poisoning my fiancee and myself and learn an even more humbling lesson by chucking two whole chickens? go!

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