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How to Cook Turkey for 100


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How to Cook Turkey for 100

gleng1 | Oct 5, 2006 03:24 PM

This is right up your alley...

For years we've held a pre-Thanksgiving pot-luck dinner, the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving. We cook the turkey and stuffing; everyone else brings the rest. In recent years we have deep-fried two turkeys; first one, then the other. Each takes one-hour plus.

Well, I'm getting married, and we decided to have the wedding at the pot-luck, but that now means that I have to cook turkey for 100!

Here are our thoughts:

1) Find someone with one of those HUGE portable smokers (the kind that has a trailer hitch on it!) and let them do it. Problem: (besides finding them -- any leads?) is that turkey isn't THAT popular a BBQ catering item, and I don't want anyone practicing at my wedding!

2) Buy 14 more deep fryers to go with the one that I already own, and fire up all 15 of them at the wedding! Of course I would have the time of my life with this, and my fiance would divorce me BEFORE the wedding!

3) Deep-fry the turkeys one at a time, but if the turkey needs, say, 90 minutes, cook it for 75 minutes. Right before we serve, re-fry each for 15 minutes to reheat it.

4) Build a temorary pit like the one shown here:


and do 10 turkeys in it. (Will this work? It was fine when we roated a pig, but... turkeys? Who knows?)

5) Go to the turkey dinner being held this week at the fire house and see how THEY do it! (But I have a sad feeling that they buy pre-fab turkey breasts and just reheat them in the oven....)

Any brilliant advice welcome here!


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