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Anybody Ever Cook Fresh Ham?


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Anybody Ever Cook Fresh Ham?

Bill | Feb 28, 2002 02:22 PM

I guess this is the UNCURED leg portion of the pig? I've read that they're as big as 15-18lbs., with the bone in? My butcher/market said that I'd have to order it ahead of time.

Well, I'm well-known as the cook in the family that will take on any challenge, and my Mother-In-Law has now dropped a dozen hints about "how long it's been since she's had fresh ham."

Has anybody tackled one of these? I'm worried about how to cook a piece of meat this big without drying it out. I thought maybe I'd start by leaving all the fat and skin on. Then I'd brine it in a sugar/salt solution overnight. Rub it with sage, garlic and olive oil. Then roast it in a 300* oven for 8 hours, low and slow. Hopefully it would turn out to be the consistency of pulled-pork, and I'd serve it in shards rather than slices. Does that sound right?

Any help, direction or links would be appreciated.

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