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Converting a regular refrigerator into a wine cellar . . .


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Converting a regular refrigerator into a wine cellar . . .

Deflator_Mouse | Feb 20, 2004 12:17 PM

We are looking into buying a regular, full-sized, cheap refrigerator and converting it into a place to stash our wines (the "real deal" wine cabinets are too expensive and we've looked into storage facilties but would rather have the wines on hand).

From what I can tell, rigging the fridge to run at warmer, more wine-friendly temperatures (55 degrees or so) isn't hard at all. And the vibrations don't seem to be an issue from what I can tell.

This leaves just humidity.

I've read suggestions ranging from putting some damp sponges in the fridge to leaving a bowl of salt water in the fridge to buying a small humidifier, connecting it to a hydrgometer and putting it in the fridge (though wouldn't the cord prevent the door from closing all the way?).

Does anybody have any experience with this? Is the (relatively) low humidity of fridges even a problem? (personally I've always been wary of the whoe humidity issue with storing wines -- I mean the cork is sealed and the humidity inside the bottle is 100%)

Any help anybody can provide with rigging fridges to store wine would be much appreciated.


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