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Convection oven --fab dish and your suggestions?


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Convection oven --fab dish and your suggestions?

greatidear | May 30, 2006 10:35 PM

I bought this little convection oven b/c my grandmother, an excellent cook, swears by it for roasting veggies and meat. The CO has a reputation for being some kind of 80's gimmick, but it really is different than a regular oven imo b/c there is less drying and somehow more intensity of flavor than from a regular oven. that the air is circulating within the oven somehow accounts for this?

I've been using it to make roasted vegetables: eggplant slices with salt, olive oil, and paprikat at 300deg for 1 hr. zucchini similarly.

tonight i made the most succulent red peppers though and had to share:

spray (my grandma, a great italian cook, swears by canola oil spray for roasting vegetables) or lightly rub the whole peppers in canola oil, cook on 450, turning once, until the peppers are fairly black(!)

wait until the peppers cool (this is the trick b/c before i would rinse off all the pepper juice by running them under cold water) and peel off the skin while keeping the pepper intact. sprinkle with some salt and olive oil. that's it. needs no other flavor, and they are heavenly.

would love to hear your suggestions for the convection oven.

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