Confusing Information on using and caring for pizza stones.

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I recently inherited 4 pizza stones of different sizes and configurations. Two flat, one deep dish and one rectangular with a lip. Went searching for instructions and here is what I came up with.

First off, always heat the stone with the oven. If you put a cool stone into a hot oven,
not only is there a chance that the stone will crack, but your food will cook unevenly.

Do not preheat stone.(Pampered Chef)

Because stone is unglazed and can absorb cooking oils, we recommend that you use your
stone only for baking pizza, breads and other "low-fat" baked items. Avoid recipes
calling for shortening (butter, lard or margarine) or oil. (Pfaltzgraff)

For best results, bake high-fat foods (e.g., refrigerated biscuits) or lightly brush
with cooking oil for the first several uses. (Pampered Chef)

Rub a generous amount of oil onto the cooking surface of the stone. Not so much that oil
is dripping of the edges. Place the stone in a hot oven and bake it until the oil has
been completely absorbed.

Prior to cooking pizzas on your stone, lightly oil the surface with olive oil. Do this
every time you use it, and your stone will take on a deep brown and golden tone with an
old world look. If you take care of your pizza stone it will last you a lifetime.

You can season a stone by spraying vegetable oil on it.

Aerosol nonstick spray is not recommended; it will create a sticky residue which is
difficult to clean. (Pampered Chef)

Generally speaking, pizza stones should not be treated with oil or nonstick spray.

How to use a pizza stone...Put the stone in the oven...crank the heat to maximum...and
come back in an hour!

Do not cook at temperatures exceeding 425 degrees Fahrenheit.
Clean the stones by placing them on the bottom rack of a 425 degrees Fahrenheit oven for
4 hours and scouring them, after cooling, with baking soda.

If consumers use oil on the stones and clean them using a 550 degrees Fahrenheit oven or
using the oven's self-cleaning cycle, as currently recommended in the instruction
booklets accompanying the stones, the stones can catch on fire.

Keep the pizza baking stone in the oven itself during the self cleaning cycle. It helps
to make the pizza stone cleaning process much easy.

To avoid a possible fire hazard we recommend you do not use any type of oil directly on
the stone and under no circumstances heat to higher than 475 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not
place in the self cleaning cycle of your oven as some self cleaning cycles heat rapidly
to over 700 degrees Fahrenheit and may cause the stone to break, a fire to result , or

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