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Confused by Saba vs. Aji


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Confused by Saba vs. Aji

Carb Lover | Mar 2, 2006 09:43 PM

The more I eat what's labeled as "saba" or "aji" at a sushi place, the more confused I get. I believe that aji is horse mackerel while saba is a different type of mackerel. The sushi guide below (not sure how good it is) categorizes both under "silvery fish."

I'm ever the more confused b/c they both look the same to me (pinkish gray w/ silver skin) and sorta taste the same (pungent, unctuous). What's been labeled as "saba" has had a slightly stronger flavor, but not much. Sometimes I wonder if the sushi places that I've been eating at are only serving one kind of mackerel but using the names interchangeably.

Here are my questions:

1. What exactly is the difference in appearance, taste, texture btwn. the two?

2. Which is spanish mackerel?

3. What is the classic way each is prepared in nigiri form? Ie, what are the garnishes and condiments, if any?

4. Is one significantly more expensive or considered more of a delicacy than the other?

Thanks for any enlightenment for this confused, sushi-loving hound.


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