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Confused about De Buyer Mineral Element B pan, is it iron or steel? greatly confused..

certifiedhumane | Feb 20, 201201:53 PM

Hey guys good afternoon. Well I ordered a De Buyer Mineral Element B fry pan from Amazon for Christmas because I wanted a cast iron pan that didn't have any coating on it or seasoning so I could put my own on!
I went with this one
because it claimed to have a 100% organic beeswax coating which is fine with me, and I could've swore I read and researched that it was all iron! I had first seen it at Williams Sonoma so that is how I first discovered it!

I have received it and am greatly confused. On the back of the insert (when you turn the pan around) it says iron, however on the little booklet at the top it says "steel frying pan" so I am greatly confused. By just looking at it and feeling it it looks to be steel, it doesn't feel or look like my lodge cast iron pan at all!

I emailed Amazon that they sent me the wrong one and was just about to send it back when I started looking at pictures of this supposed pan on a search engine and they all looked the same as mine!

So I am starting to wonder if what they mean is a mixture of iron and steel or something . . It's a shame because I didn't want steel I wanted the iron for safety reasons (I think iron is the best cookware in terms of metals from the cookware leaching into food) . ..

Can someone help me out here? I wanted to ask you guys because I heard De Buyer is horrible with responding to customers, which if I had known before-hand I wouldn't have ordered a product of theirs :(
Thanks :)

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