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When to complain?

amy_rc | Jan 7, 200809:52 AM

I went to a four course prix fixe dinner for New Year's Eve w/ 11 of my friends. The dinner was "less" than expected in every sense of the word. The soup in my first course was almost lukewarm (later I found out that the other nine people who ordered either of the two soup offerings had cold soup). For the second course I ordered Wild Boar Stuffed Mushrooms. Two small mushrooms came out on the plate, and again they were cold, as were everyone else's. Another diner had a crabcake and had a similar experience. For the main course I ordered a steak that came with asparagus and twice baked Yukon Gold potatoes. The steak was beautifully cooked, but the potatoes were undercooked and...you guessed it...cold. Also, there was one sprig of asparagus on the plate, two roasted cherry tomatoes and one Yukon Gold, sliced in half and "twice baked". I would have been embarrassed to serve that plate.

I have been to this restaurant before with great results, including on NYE last year. I realize with Prix Fixe the portions aren't usually as big, but there is no excuse for cold. I feel terrible for picking this place because we had a couple of friends who wouldn't normally pay the price we paid for dinner.

Since no one complained I almost think that we did a disservice to the restaurant by not letting them know we had a bad experience. Clearly our group, including myself, is a bunch of weenies, because no one said a word. I'm always afraid of making a scene or getting a spitter. Also, having worked in the service industry, I am afraid of looking like I want something for nothing. My question is, when would you have complained? After the soup, after the appetizer, after the meal or on Chowhound the next day?

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