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Comparison of jr. chicken sandwiches...

rochfood | Feb 14, 201110:47 AM

I only occasionaly order a value menu chicken sandwich..I usually order a value burger.
But, in the interest of fast food science..and I thought it might be fun I bought 4 value sandwiches at the local FF joints (they are the ones in my town) and compared them. I read comparison blogs and wanted to try something like that myself. in reverse order are the results of Arby's jr chicken ...BK spicy chicken..McD McChicken..and Wendy's crispy chicken. Again..mind you these are the value menu versions.
You possibly may or may not ever order these items because they can border on the edge of "too cheap for quality chicken"

4) Arbys Jr chicken. The worst and most "expensive" of the 4. It was 1.59..all the others were 1 00$
Chicken had a slimyish texture and had the smallest piece of chicken..and tasted bad. In the garbage.

3)Bk spicy chicken. The only spicy chicken of the 4. The most calories (450) of the 4 and another thin tiny, chicken patty ringed with some type of chemically orange substance. It was a bit spicy..but it was probably a chemical burn..not a peppery burn. It had a tanning booth fake orangy color. Tasted chemically. In the garbage. I had actually ordered these before..and thought I liked em..never again

2) Mc D McChicken. least amount of calories..tasted OK. I had had one of these before and didn't like it. This time it tasted "better". No seeds on bun like the previous 2. Biggest sandwich, but when I cut into the chicken it looked nasty..blotches of different "cuts"...fatty..grisly.Off-putting even though it tasted 'Ok". I didn't finish it,

1)Wendys...The cheapest (.99cents) technically and best quality/tasting. Also had the best chicken to bun ratio. It had the largest chicken patty ( I weighed them) but not the largest sandwich (which is good..more chicken..less bun). it had a whole piece of lettuce and the best tasting mayo..seemed lighter. But the chicken patty, when cut..looked the most like a real breast..didn't look fatty or processed. Tasted clean too, not chemical taste. It also has the 2nd least calories..the most protein and the least amount of fat of the 4. So..this is the only one I would buy again. Pretty good value. Definately most bang for buck and the best nutritionally as well (350 cal..15 g fat..15 g protein.

I must confess I felt a little queasy after eating this test, and I didn't eat all of them.

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