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What commercially dried products do you keep on hand for cooking "emergencies"?

coll | Mar 24, 201406:21 AM

I've always had the usual in the pantry: beans, spices, fruits etc. But last night as I was making dinner, I was thinking how would I get by for last minute meals without my relatively recent addition of dried mushrooms, dried shallots, dried chives, granulated onion and garlic, for when I am in the middle of cooking and realize I am completely out of fresh. Of course I could sub something similar, or do without, but nice to have these always on hand.

I'm also aware of sundried tomatoes, and dry hot peppers, as a handy backup although I don't usually keep them around, since I have other avenues there (frozen and canned). So just for argument's sake, anything else obvious I'm missing?

And on the same (sort of) subject, Tetrapak for milk and cream, what a lifesaver!

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