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Commercial Hummus without Cumin


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Commercial Hummus without Cumin

eatingpal | Dec 24, 2008 09:18 AM

I like hummus but really dislike cumin. Checking ingredients hasn't helped since cumin is usually not listed separately as an individual ingredient but rather just lumped under the term "spices." So far I haven't encountered any commercial hummus without a pinch of cumin added to it and as soon as I open the container and smell the cumin I chuck it because I know no one in the house will eat it. Even though it's easy to make hummus at home the commercial hummus is so readily available and so cheap I would like to use it as an alternative when I don't have the time to make it and spending a few dollars to save me the pain of cleaning the food processor from time to time is well worth it. Anyone knows of any commercial brands that make basic or any hummus without cumin? Please help me end the search and throw the money down in the garbage.

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