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College Graduate Looking for a new set of pots | Feb 17, 2010 04:37 PM

I've graduated a while ago and now looking for a new set of pots and pans to replace my old college ones.

I cook for just my boyfriend and I and I have a steady job and make a good paycheck. I don't want to wait till I'm married to get a nice set of pots, I'm looking to buy something that will last me for a long long LONG time.

I've been so use to cheap pots and pans that would chip all the time in college, I'm will to pay a heftier price for something that will do a good job and really last. Here's some things I'm looking for and my cooking styles:

-I sir frying vegetables A LOT. I usually never use a spatula, I just flip the pan till they're done, but I'm not very strong..I was looking at All-Cad frying pans but they're so heavy I could never use one hand to flip things.

-I sear meats a lot, too

-The pans have to be oven proof

-I love cooking dungeness crab so I'm looking for a steamer that will fit 2 dungeness crabs at a time. I only cook 2 crabs at a time so I don't need something too insanely big, and I have to be able to use it on the stove.

-Something to make soup in, not to big, not to small.

-What size pot do you recommend just to boil water? I usually just boil water to make coffee in the morning for my boyfriend and I, we use a coffee press.

-I make bread so any recommendations for a good dutch oven and size recommendation for two would be great! I've heard good things about both a Le Creuset and Staub.

-I also make Shabu-Shabu, and I'm curious about what kind of cooking appliance is used where they can keep the broth boiling on a table like that.

Thanks everyone for your help and recommendations!

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