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honkman | Aug 29, 2006 12:53 AM

I am always looking for good coffeehouses in San Diego. I am looking for coffeehouses with (obviously) excellent coffeebeans, baristas who know their business (good microfoam, good crema, they should know the different ratios for steamed milk, foamed milk, espresso for the cappuccino, latte etc., etc), good snacks (paninis, cakes etc), good (cold) flavored coffeedrinks and good ambience. So far I haven’t found many who are good but would like to hear more suggestion.

Caffe Calabria: By far the best coffeehouse in SD. Excellent coffee and baristas (best cappuccino in SD,), great paninis. Only downside is that they close very early.

Café Lestat: Good example what happens with good coffee and average baristas. Lestat is also using coffeebeans from Caffé Calabria but it is sad to see that they don’t know how to make excellent espresso, cappuccino.

E Street Café: Average espresso but strange flavored cold espresso drinks

Old California Coffee House: Good to average espresso, but stay away from the smoothies (worst I ever tasted, very artifical).

Rebecca’s: Pretty good coffee, nice snacks (muffins), good lemonade but they should learn to empty the trashcans in front of the coffeehouse otherwise it smells outside like you sit in a garbagecan

Claire de Luna: Good cappuchino and latte, very relaxed ambience.

It’s a grind: Some good cold cappuccino drinks (last summer they had a addictive coconut drink)

Coffeebean and tea leaf: Same level as It’s a grind with good (cold) flavored coffee drinks

Pete’s: Better than Starbucks (though that is not too difficult). Cappucino and latte are not too bad.

Starbucks: Lousy coffeebeans (very overroasted), bad baristas.

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