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New coat of paint and new floors, Dom had to raise prices.

dietndesire | Jan 24, 201110:47 AM     26

After all, those few hundred dollars he spent on 'renovations' covering the last few decades had to come from somewhere, no?
Actually, not sure when this price hike went into effect but I assume it is with the re-opening, post new paint. I know it was 25/30 for whole pies in the summer, now 28/32. Strangely, one topping pies seem to have remained at 30/35.
Yes, he can charge whatever he likes and a few dollars is just that.
But if 3 doesn't matter, should 5 or 20 or 50?
Also, since the slices are fool's gold, he felt it was alright to keep those stable at 5. Perhaps he realized how idiotic the slice/pie spread was. Then again, I never believed in the slices or round pies there at all, so............


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