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Clicking on link resulted in email


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Clicking on link resulted in email

L.Nightshade | Aug 3, 2011 01:40 PM

Someone suggested I post this issue here.
I clicked on the link to Williams Sonoma in this post to see what the author was talking about:

Next thing I know I received an email from Williams Sonoma (to my personal, private email address, not the one posted in my profile), thanking me for my interest in the product. Then, later, another one offering free shipping on the product.

How did Williams Sonoma identify me from clicking a link and looking at a product? I did not enter any information, just clicked on the link and then closed the tab. Does Chowhound have some deal with Williams Sonoma? Are we at risk of other sites contacting us when we click on a link?

I found this pretty creepy.

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