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Can a clear liquid diet be considered food?


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Can a clear liquid diet be considered food?

TR | May 18, 2002 11:16 PM

and fit for this board?

This question is especially for Mr. Chino Wayne, since I have seen him post about his liquid diet. But all other are more than welcome to add comments.

Sometimes, luckily not often, I must suffer with a liquid diet. Mine isn't much fun though and it's difficult to make so, because it MUST be clear.

I am however, permitted baked, roasted fish..... light filets, with a bit of lemon.

Any ideas how to make clear liquid seem like FOOD?

Btw, even though not totally clear, I can do:

Ginger Ale

And probably a few other things, but I hate it so much that I have been so spiteful not to learn enough about it that my nose has now been bitten off.

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