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How clean is your hood


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How clean is your hood

chefwong | Jun 13, 2011 11:58 AM

Oh how I wish to cry.

Dare I ask, fellow chowhounders, how clean is your hood & or the surrounding cabinet to the immediate left or right of it.

After months and hours, picking out the right tile, finding the right tilesetter, appliances, cfm, trim, etc, etc. 4 Years later and I am still defeated by my hood. I don't where the fault lies, ductwork is good *not the ideal run but that's just due to layout and it is what it is*, but there is only one short sweeping 90 degree in the run, etc.

The short story is, my hood sucks.
At least 2-3X a year, I am literrally sitting ontop of my burners, removing/breaking down as many pieces as I can, and will literally spend a good couple hours with some muscle cleaning it.

Baffles get cleaned every 2 weeks in the dishwasher.
There are some design flaws IMO in my POS Best Hood design, but certainly not to the paint that I think it's the inherent fault.

Just curious how Clean your hood is...
Finished my full blown cleaning cycle and even the top of the crown moulding is ontop of the stove if not to the left and right are slightly grimey...

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